LAZURIN conducts its business, displaying devotion to the compliance with all provisions of applicable laws, obeying principles of good faith and fairness. The basic business principle for us is conducting our business with due care of high ethical standards.

This Supplier’s Code of Business Conduct, hereinafter referred to as “Code” expresses Lazurin’s expectations from our suppliers, subcontractors and other entities, having business relations with Lazurin in accordance with internationally recognized standards of human rights and environmental protection and anti-corruption enforcement. Acceptance and compliance with this Code of Business Conduct is an integral part of the supplier’s contract entered with Lazurin.

Lazurin reserves the right to control the conformance with this Code both by Lazurin’s employees and by engagement of third parties.

We highly appreciate the cooperation with our suppliers that have been devoted to the principles still before this Code was elaborated. Moreover, in its turn, Lazurin is ready to help new suppliers to comply with these standards.

We are thankful for your cooperation for your efforts and conformance with Lazurin’s Supplier’s Code of Business Conduct.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

The supplier shall comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

Ethical business conduct

Fair relations with customers and suppliers are important to maintain healthy business relations. Lazurit strives for establishment of equal opportunities for every potential supplier. We make our decisions based on objective criteria, such as price and quality, service capabilities, as well as business reliability and good faith of a supplier. It is strictly prohibited to give or receive any kickbacks, bribes or payments of similar nature.

Our customers shall comply with the same highest quality standards and carry out their business transactions with professional good faith based on fairness and equal treatment in relation to everyone.

Confidential/proprietary information

The suppliers shall have respect for intellectual property of Lazurin, its trade secrets and any other proprietary or confidential information and are not eligible to use or disclose it, except of the cases provided in contracts entered with Lazurin. Any information or data about Lazurin’s transactions shall be treated by suppliers as confidential under any circumstances, except the cases when such information has been available as a public domain without any fault of the supplier.

Anti-trust laws and competition

Based on existing laws and regulations usually called in many countries as anti-trust laws, the Supplier shall always comply with such laws. The actions violating anti-trust laws include covenants or agreements with competitors with the purpose to set or regulate prices, black suppliers or customers, share or allocate markets or customers or set limits for production or sales of goods or their groups. Such actions contravene not only state policy, but also internal policy of Lazurin.

Unfair business practices and fraudulent acts in relation to Lazurin are prohibited. They include false or misleading representations in relation to prices of goods or services provided for Lazurin.

Quality requirements

Lazurin collaborates only with those suppliers, who manufacture and ensure packing, storage and delivery of their products in accordance with current best production practices prevailing in their respective industry branch. The suppliers shall provide for goods and services that shall fully comply with applicable technical specifications, norms and standards.

The suppler shall provide all quality and safety documentation related to its products and technology to Lazurin, аs well as to provide access for audit inspection carried out by Lazurin’s employees or third parties.

Health protection and labor safety

Lazurin has established safe and health protective labor conditions for its employees: pure drinking water, acceptable sanitary conditions, emergency exits and necessary protective equipment, medical aid in emergency cases, workplaces duly lightened and equipped. Furthermore, our production facilities are designed and maintained in accordance with applicable regulations.

We expect that the suppliers doing business with Lazurin shall comply with health protection and labor safety norms applied in our company and establish healthy labor environment and safe labor conditions for all their employees.

Besides, every representative of the supplier entering the facilities of Lazurin shall comply with labor safety regulations established in the company.

Labor policy

Lazurin does not accept the use of child labor, forced labor and any forms of human exploitation. The company does not collaborate with any suppliers known for use of inacceptable treatment of their employees such as physical punishment, humiliating treatment of women, forced labor or any other forms of inacceptable treatment of employees. Lazurin expects that their suppliers will take appropriate steps to exclude such methods of employees’ treatment by their own suppliers.

Protection of human rights

Lazurin respects human rights permanently. Implementing its devotion to this principle, Lazurin itself complies with and strives to work with those business partners who also comply with following standards provided in applicable law:

  • procurement of equal opportunities for employees of all levels, independent on their skin color, race, sex, gender identity, age, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, veteran’s status, disability or other features protected by law;
  • payment of wages, that allow satisfaction of at least basic needs of employees, as well as establishment of opportunities for improvement of their qualification;
  • compliance with work hours provided by law and compensation of overtime work in accordance with local regulations;
  • respectful attitude to freedom of employees associations; recognition of all legal rights for negotiating and entering into collective labor agreement; collaboration with municipal authorities and population, in places we do our business, for improvement of educational, cultural, economic and social opportunities for population in our business environment.

The suppliers of Lazurin shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations in all countries, we do our business or purchase goods or services, including laws governing business, quality of products, standards of environment, health protection and labor safety, as well as labor and employment conditions.

Environmental protection

The supplier of Lazurin shall strictly comply with laws and regulations in relation to ecology and environmental protection. We also expect that the supplier will strive for improvement of ecological component of its production by means of supervision and control of basic ecological parameters of environmental pollution.

Audit and termination of supply contract

Lazurin reserves the right to check the compliance with the provisions of this Code by means of audit carried out by employees of Lazurin or by engagement of a third party.

If Lazurin will be aware of any acts or circumstances, in breach of this Code provisions, the Company reserves the right to request for corrective measures.

Lazurin reserves the right to terminate the supply contract with a supplier in breach of the Code.